E.C.C.O. Bureau and Committee


Susan Corr

(ICRI, Ireland)





Vice President
Sebastian Dobrusskin

(SKR-SCR, Switzerland)

Vice President
Stefan Belishki

(ACB, Bulgaria)



Committee Member 

Barbara Davidson

(KR, Slovak Republic)

Secretary General
Anja Romanowski

(VDR, Germany)

Committee Member
Elis Marçal

(ARP, Portugal)

Peter De Groof

(APROA-BRK, Belgium)

Vice Treasurer
Kristian Schneider

(ARI, Italy)

Committee Member
Jana Subic Prislan

(DRS, Slovenia)

Committee Member
Amalia Siatou

(A.C.A.-W.A.-GR, Greece)

Deputy Secretary 
Ana Galán Pérez

(ACRE, Spain)


Committee Member

Hélène Svahn Garreau

(NKF-S, Sweden)




Office Administrator

Tânia Teixeira





Call for papers Conservation 360º

The new collection Conservation 360º is a series of multi- and interdisciplinary books on current themes in the field of Conservation of Cultural Heritage. Each book will provide a general overview of the state of the art, research and concepts in the field of the preservation of cultural heritage aimed at professionals of conservation-restoration, scientists, art historians, archaeologists, technicians and students.

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