E.C.C.O Documents

E.C.C.O. Strategic Documents

  • E.C.C.O. STRATEGIC PLAN 2015Introduction; Vision; Mission; About E.C.C.O.; Strategic Goals; Role; Quality; Communication; Mobility; Legal; Guidance; Quoted literature; Additional Information; Recognition; Key Meetings; Committee members involved in the development of the document;
  • E.C.C.O. STRATEGIC PLAN IMPLEMENTATION 2015Introduction to the implementation; Using the Competence Framework; European Conservation-Restoration Portfolio; Legislating for the Conservator-Restorer within Europe; Improving the E.C.C.O. website; Extending the Network; Mutual recognition of qualification between member organisations; European Recommendation for Conservation-Restoration of Cultural Heritage; Professional Guidelines; Memoranda of Understanding; Effective representation; Gantt Chart; Major Milestones; List of abbreviations