Membership Application

An association wishing to become a Full Member or an Associated Member must submit to the Secretariat a written application for membership accompanied by the following documents:

* a copy of its statutes and rules of procedure.
* documentary evidence of the activities of the association.
* a recent, complete and detailed list of the association's members. The list shall be annually updated and forwarded to the Committee.
* two letters of recommendation from two Full Members of E.C.C.O.

For a complete description, please check the Statutes.

15th September of the year preceding the General Assembly

Download the Application Form.

ENCoRE Call for paper. Ulrich Schiessl phd colloquium April 2017


The purpose of the Colloquium is to provide a platform for PhD students in conservation restoration and teachers involved in PhD study programs in order to discuss the state of the art  of the discipline and to set up co-operation and exchange between institutions providing PhD programs in conservation-restoration.

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