E.C.C.O. - General Assembly, President's Meeting and 25th Anniversary in Berlin, 2016

We wish to inform you about the 25th anniversary of the European Confederation of Conservator-Restorers' Organisations (E.C.C.O.).to be celebrated over the course of its upcoming GA and Presidents' meeting on the 6th June in the Bode-Museum in Berlin. International guests working in the field of cultural heritage have been invited to celebrate this event with us.

Please find a Press Release in the attachment as well as the E.C.C.O. in Berlin - programme of PM and 25th 2016

You may also register for the 5th and / or 6th June to report on the event which takes place at the Neues Museum and the Bode-Museum of the museum island in Berlin.

The possibility of an interview with the president of E.C.C.O., Susan Corr, and the president of the host, the German Association of Conservator-Restorers VDR, Dr. Jan Raue, is scheduled for  the 5th June at 6 pm at the Neues Museum.

Please note that this is not a public event and access will be provided only for registered and accredited persons. Find therefor a registration-accreditation form and the guidelines of the National Museums in Berlin, SMB.

We kindly ask you to forward to potential interested parties and to distribute in your media.

ENCoRE Call for paper. Ulrich Schiessl phd colloquium April 2017


The purpose of the Colloquium is to provide a platform for PhD students in conservation restoration and teachers involved in PhD study programs in order to discuss the state of the art  of the discipline and to set up co-operation and exchange between institutions providing PhD programs in conservation-restoration.

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