E.C.C.O.s Participation on Voices of Culture - Structure Dialogues between the European Commission and the cultural sector

VoC EYCH2018, "The European Year of Cultural Heritage"

E.C.C.O. has joined the VoC with the European Commission on the subject "EYCH2018, The European Year of Cultural Heritage", April and September 2017

The 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage will promote heritage as a shared resource for our future. The Year will be managed by the European Commission, with the active participation of cultural heritage organisations and other culture sector stakeholders including trans-national cultural networks, NGOs and cultural organisations.

The European Year of Cultural Heritage is a chance to raise awareness of all the worthwhile and positive outcomes that engagement with Cultural Heritage provides. It is also an opportunity to use this year as a mechanism to more explicitly pursue connections between experts and the public, politics and civil society, to look back and to step forward towards our common future.

E.C.C.O. as Confederation will serve as a platform to connect ideas, collect information and disperse it amongst our member associations, as well as provide a platform for the activities and projects planned by our members associations according to EYCH 2018.In April 2018 E.C.C.O.’s General Assembly and its Presidents’ Meeting will be held in the European Cultural Capital Valletta at the invitation of our Maltese member organisation. The Presidents of our member organisations will present the projects and activities of EYCH to the other members.


VoC Skills, training and knowledge transfer for traditional and emerging Heritage professions

E.C.C.O.  has joined the VoC with the European Commission on the subject “Skills, training and knowledge transfer for traditional and emerging Heritage professions”. (June and October 2017)

The group of 34 stakeholders coming from the civil society met the first time in Brussels for the Brainstorming Session on the 15 and 16 of June. The result of the work was further developed and on the 25 th of September the VoC group presented the report in the Dialogue Meeting with the European Comission - DGEAC, where it was discussed and improved.

The final report will be co-presented by E.C.C.O. and another VoC member to the state members representatives of the Ministries of Culture at the OMC meeting in Bucarest next 25th and 26th September.

Call for papers Conservation 360º

The new collection Conservation 360º is a series of multi- and interdisciplinary books on current themes in the field of Conservation of Cultural Heritage. Each book will provide a general overview of the state of the art, research and concepts in the field of the preservation of cultural heritage aimed at professionals of conservation-restoration, scientists, art historians, archaeologists, technicians and students.

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