E.C.C.O. has joined the ICCROM’s 30th General Assembly in Rome

ICCROM’s 30th General Assembly from 29th November to 1st December 2017 in Rome has provided a platform to stimulate dialogue on sustainable approaches to the reconstruction of destroyed and damaged historic cities. ICCROM is a statutory, intergovernmental agency funded by UNESCO and is dedicated to the conservation of cultural heritage worldwide. 

E.C.C.O.s Committee Member, Kristian Schneider, ARI President, has attended the event in Rome.

For many years ICCROM has lent its support to the work of E.C.C.O initially through involvement on the APEL (Acteurs du Patrimoine Europeen et Legislation) project starting in 1999. Contact with ICCROM continued under the Presidency of Monica Martelli Castaldi and the development in 2007 of a Recommendation on Conservation-Restoration to the Council of Europe. Recognising the value of this work, collaboration with ICCROM has now been formalised through the mechanism of an MOU to promote conservation-restoration of cultural heritage at European Level.

E.C.C.O. greatly welcomes this initiative as the formal recognition of E.C.C.O. by ICCROM endorses the scope of our activities and provides necessary political support and is glad to join activities as their General Assembly.

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