E.C.C.O. has been invited to STAC8 the Eighth International Conference on Science and Technology in Archaeology and Conservation in Amman (Jordan).

E.C.C.O.s President Susan Corr was invited as speaker to talk about the profession of Conservator-Restorer and the Network of Conservator-Restorers Organizations in Europe. She focused on the hight standars on intervention in Cultural Heritage, and the importance of the competences in conservation-restoration, at the eighth international conference on Science and Technology in Archaeology and Conservation (STAC8) that took place in Amman, Jordan, from 21 to 25 May 2017. Its main organisers were WATCH and CULTECH Jordan and the conference took place under the patronage of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities of Jordan, UNESCO, and ICCROM. The conference has developed several parallel sessions and it focused on: Science, Technology, Management, Policy, Legislation and Economy applied to Cultural Heritage Conservation, Promotion and Protection. For more information: click here

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