E.C.C.O.s lecture at the International conference on Professionalism in the Built Heritage Sector KU Leuven and Raymond Lemaire International Centre for Conservation

E.C.C.O.s President Susan Corr has been invited as a keynote to present a lecture about the profession of the Conservator-Restorer:”On skills, training and knowledge transfer in conservation-restoration within cultural heritage professions” the 6th February 2018. The 2018 Thematic Week of the Raymond Lemaire International Centre for Conservation deals with professionalism in the built heritage sector and is one of the events in the framework of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018. The aim of this international conference is to define the professional profiles, capacities and drivers involved in a fruitful built heritage project. 

E.C.C.O. Lecture

The principle of transmitting to present and future generations an authentic material heritage that retains its cultural and historic relevance and integrity is the foundation stone of contemporary heritage management and practice. It is what lies behind the emergence of conservation-restoration as a discrete field of study and the professional discipline of the conservator-restorer. Cultural heritage is acknowledged by the Council of Europe, the European Commission and Parliament as being strategic to the social and economic wellbeing and future of Europe informing the European Agenda for Culture. Conservation-restoration is specifically identified as being critical to the safeguarding and preservation of this cultural heritage and the profession of the conservator-restorer uphold this imperative. E.C.C.O. is constituted to represent national professional organisations at European level. A strategic goal has been the realisation and development of a coherent and discrete professional demographic across Europe. This goal has as its core a series of statements about the profession, its responsibilities and educational requirements known as the Professional Guidelines. These provide the ethical code for the practice of conservation-restoration and are in effect the ‘soft law’ of the profession. Download the E.C.C.O. Abstract here

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