E.C.C.O.s Statement for the Celebration of the European Day of Conservation-Restoration of Cultural Heritage

E.C.C.O.s Committee is glad to share with the Conservator-Restorers Community and all the Heritage Professions this Statement for the Celebration of the European Day of Conservation Restoration: 14th October 2018 “The European Confederation of Conservator-restorers organisations is delighted to participate in this the European year of cultural heritage. Central to the many conversations and dialogues that have taken place over the year on heritage are issues around its care and sustainable use. This, the first European Day of Conservation-restoration provides the opportunity to highlight the work of conservator-restorers as they are involved in the care of our rich material heritage across Europe. Conservation-restoration is an approach which seeks to safeguard and transmit the cultural fabric of our world maintaining its historical and material integrity. It offers methods and means to ensure that our daily interaction and encounters with heritage help to both sustain and protect it. Today the members of E.C.C.O., professional conservator-restorers, are highlighting and showcasing their work in studios, workshops, public spaces, galleries, archives and museums in every country in Europe. We hope you can find the time to visit and indeed see some of these professionals at work. The work can be complex, is always fascinating but more importantly is critical to the legacy we leave for future generations.” Susan Corr, President of E.C.C.O. Download the Statment PDF here. Download the Statment PPT here. Download the Statment PNG here.

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