E.C.C.O.s Statement for the Celebration of the European Day of Conservation-Restoration of Cultural Heritage 2019

E.C.C.O.s Committee is glad to share with the Conservator-Restorers Community and all the Heritage Professions this Statement for the Celebration of the European Day of Conservation Restoration: Last year, 2018, was designated European year of Cultural Heritage. The year provided the impetus for us, the European Confederation of Conservator-Restorers organisations to invite our members to open their studios and places of work to the public for a behind the scenes glimpse of the work that conservator-restorers do. The day was such a success and the response so positive that it is becoming a fixture on the European calendar and we now celebrate the second European Day of Conservation-Restoration. This day follows on a busy week of events and social media discussion. Cultural heritage belongs to us all, it is reflected in the things that we value, the activities we participate in and the places we make for ourselves. It is in the legacies we choose to leave for future generations. Perhaps our cultures and the heritages we make can be likened to a set of footprints; they shows us where we have come from and the direction in which we are travelling and we are required to keep the trail clear, we have a duty of care. Contemporary conservation-restoration practice is based on respect for the material integrity of our heritage and the cultural values, which confer significance. There can be elements of high drama in the reveal of a before and after moment following conservation-restoration, but the real drama actually occurs in the small, carefully evaluated steps, skillfully executed by conservator-restorers in their daily work. These can involve passive or preventive measures such as advice on handling, access and storage as well as complex interventions and processes. Professional conservator-restorers, across a range of many specialisations are delighted to have the opportunity once again to open their doors and showcase your cultural heritage in their care. Please visit, ask questions and enjoy. Susan Corr, President of E.C.C.O.

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