E.C.C.O.s Statement Heritage at Risk

As we witness the devastating floods which affected Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Austria in the past few days, E.C.C.O. wishes to extend its warmest thoughts to all those impacted in their personal or professional lives. These events remind us of the frailty of living spaces and much cared for cultural heritage throughout the world, menaced in particular by the terrible consequences of climate change.

We send our heartfelt wishes for best days ahead, hoping the damage repair swiftly begins, allowing communities to return to their living places and recuperate their sense of belonging in the midst of such troubled periods. May we all reap from this moment a deep awareness of the ephemerality of our lives. May we learn from those who have suffered, and yet move forward as they strive for their families and communities: to them we express our profound respect.

We thank all volunteers for their help and support, and call all conservator-restorers to provide expert knowledge in the various fields of cultural heritage. Information and logistical support regarding sites, monuments, artworks and objects salvage operations may be obtained through national associations VDR, APROA and ÖRV, members of E.C.C.O., as well as Restauratoren Nederland.

Elis Marçal

President of E.C.C.O.

Download the Statement here.

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