Celebrating the European Days of Conservation Restoration 2022

European Days of Conservation Restoration 2022

This year marks an extraordinary moment, as we have been able to meet again and travel around Europe, refreshing our bonds as we share our experiences and achievements.

As the future unfolds in front of us, in this context of climate and economic hardships, we, as European citizens, hold on to our common values, ways of living, and sense of belonging and identity as we strive for a sustainable future. Also, as conservator-restorers, we play a key role in making this legacy through our professional practice in preserving our cultural inheritance, values, and social significance.

Conservator-restorers’ work constitutes a critical moment in the care and understanding of heritage in its physical materiality, historical integrity, and cultural agency. We add knowledge and enrich narratives about heritage as we prolong its life and enable community engagement.

We thank all those around us who celebrated the European Days of Conservation-Restoration. We are confident and proud of our role in making and advocating for cultural diversity and contributing to fair and sustainable communities, local and European. Therefore, E.C.C.O. invites conservator-restorers to keep sharing their work with their community, introduce to Europe those who have inspired them in their professional paths, share good practices and inspirational lessons learned, and inform us about the heritage that requires our urgent attention. But, most of all, to communicate our potential in bridging diverse areas of our society and contribute to answering its challenges.

Elis Marçal

E.C.C.O. President

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