E.C.C.O. Accomplishments’ and Projects

14 October 1991 E.C.C.O. first official meeting with Election of Bureau and Committee at Brussels, Belgium Comité Economique et Social

1993 Adoption of the amendment "Laroni"  by the European Parliament (see: Report of Mr. Laroni on behalf of the Committee on Culture, Youth, Education and the Media on protecting the architectural heritage and preserving cultural assets, Doc A3-0036/93, January 29, 1993).

11 June 1993, General Assembly, Adoption of the "Professional Guidelines (parts I-II)"

1993 Participation at the European Meeting in Fiesole (Pegasus Foundation) in Fiesole, Italy

1993 Participation at the European Meeting on Cultural Heritage, DG-X in Antwerp, Belgium.

1994 Participation at the European Meeting on Cultural Heritage, DG-X in Athens, Greece.

12 June 1994 General Assembly, Brussels, Belgium, Adoption of the "Professional Guidelines (part III)"

1994 participation at the European Congress "Education and Profession of the Conservator-Restorers in Europe", Villa Manin, Udine, Italy

1994 Symposium "The Restoration of Works Of Art", Centre du Droit de l'Art in Geneva, Switzerland.

1997 E.C.C.O. Congress at Florence: “The Conservator-Restorer‘s professional activity, status and its responsibility towards the cultural heritage”, publication of the pre-prints.

1997 Document of Pavia

1998 E.C.C.O. participation in the project FULCO “A Framework of Competence for Conservator-Restorers in Europe” - resulting in the Document of Vienna.

1999-2001 Project in the European Funding Framework of “Raffael Progamm”: APEL (Acteurs de la sauvegarde et de la conservation du patrimoine culturel et la legislation)   “Survey of the legal and professional responsibilities of the Conservator-Restorers as regard the other parties involved in the preservation and conservation of cultural heritage”, E.C.C.O. as Main Coordinator together with ICCROM:.

1999-2001 CON.B.E.FOR: A Comparative Study of European Academic Education in the Conservation-Restoration of Cultural Heritage, printing and publishing of the book, where Associazione Secco Suardo was E.C.C.O. Official Partner.

2001 Start of the "Glossary Project" by Associazione Secco Suardo  in Milan, Italy  with E.C.C.O. as partner.

2002 revision of E.C.C.O. Professional Guidelines I – The profession

2003 ECCO – ENCoRE: Joint Paper on Education and Access to the Conservation-Restoration Profession.

2003 revision of E.C.C.O. Professional Guidelines II – Code of Ethics

2004 revision of E.C.C.O. Professional Guidelines III – Basic requirements for Education in Conservation-Restoration

2007 ECPL European Conservation Practitioner’s License – E.C.C.O. participant as consultant

2007 Legislation, with ICCROM: Reasoned study on international documents concerning the protection of cultural heritage.

2009 Proposal of European Recommendations for the Conservation -Restoration of Cultural Heritage, presented to the Committee for Cultural Heritage and Landscape (CDPATEP) for possible adoption by the Council of Europe - an initiative by E.C.C.O. with the support of ICCROM and the participation of ENCoRE.

2009-2011: Defining Competences for access to the Conservation-restoration profession with regard to the European Qualifications Framework, E.C.C.O. working group in contact with ENCoRE.

2011 Publication of Competences for Access to the Conservation-Restoration Profession

Since 2011 ECCO developed a Strategy Plan working from its Vision „Cultural heritage safeguarded for society through high standards in the professional practice of Conservation- Restoration.“ To achieve our mission following strategic goals have been formulated: role; Quality; Communication; Mobility; Legacy and Guidance.

The separated documents Strategic Goals and Strategy Implementation were published in January 2015.

A Memorandum of Understanding between ICCROM & E.C.C.O. was signed in March 2015. In this MOU, ICCROM and E.C.C.O. agree to continue to raise awareness among European Institutions of the need to create and adopt European policies regarding the role of conservation-restoration in the safeguarding of cultural heritage.

E.C.C.O. was invited as an Expert Group to the Council of Europe’s meeting of Ministers of Heritage in Namur Belgium in April 2015 where a declaration on the strategic importance of cultural heritage to Europe was signed (Namur declaration).

Since that meeting E.C.C.O. has been granted Observer Status to the Plenary sessions of the Council of Europe Steering Committee on Landscape, Heritage and Culture (CDCPP) having recently submitted an invited opinion on priorities for developing the above strategy for cultural heritage.

Several projects are running concerning the legal situation of Cultural Heritage and Conservator-Restorers throughout Europe. E.C.C.O.’s website is going to be relaunched in a new and fresh design. Working towards Mutual Recognition of the members of E.C.C.O.’s member organizations in Europe.

The international network in the field of Cultural Heritage and Conservation-Restoration is extended and intensified (ICCROM, ENCoRE, ICOMOS, Europa Nostra, IIC, ICOM-CC).

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