E.C.C.O.s has been working through the Working Group NACE and their development since 2014-2015 E.C.C.O.s Strategic Plan.

E.C.C.O. proposes that the cultural heritage sector should be classified as a discrete "Sector" in the NACE Codes the better to capture the economic contribution heritage activities generate for the European economy.

A first paper resulted from the work of early meetings and reviews about the current structure of NACE. At this stage of the work, the document re-imagines how the proposed statistical framework suggested in the ESSnet-Cultural Report could accommodate a cultural heritage sector into which the activity of conservation-restoration can be situated. We are very grateful to the authors: Elis Marçal (Working Group Referent), Susan Corr, David Aguilella Cueco, Jeremy Hutchings, Conor Newman. Download Document here.

In May 2022, the EUROSTAT office opened a call to contribute to the stakeholder consultation concerning the preliminary draft structure of a new version of the CPA classification that was closed in September 2022. During this period of time, E.C.C.O. Committee has sent a proposal to set the basis for the conservation-restoration economical activity.

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