European Days of Conservation-Restoration 2020

E.C.C.O.'s President Elis Marçal sends some words to its members and friends, wishing successful European Days of Conservation-Restoration 2020 to the #ECCOCommunity


However this very challenging year, E.C.C.O. recommends that celebrations are carried out virtually. Dissemination will be achieved through national and ECCO’s social media.

The Social Campaign will be held from Monday 5th to Sunday 11 October 2020 with the aims:

  • to bring Europe’s cultural heritage, history and shared values closer to people;
  • to engage the younger generation in the care of cultural heritage;
  • to highlight special themes in conservation-restoration which are important in the preservation of Cultural Heritage as authenticity, awareness, access, sustainability.

General Instructions to Members

Members are requested to share through Social Media, following as possible the Theme of the day. To help dissemination in a European Level you are requested to write a short description of the topic presented and share your information directly to ECCO.

Follow our members and campaigns through the official media:

In the legacy of EYCH2018


Monday, 5th October

“Sharing an Institution, Education Center, Science-Lab” Meet the places where miracles happen, where stories are unveiled, where the past meets future technologies, where objects are revived.




Tuesday, 6th October

“Sharing a relevant Conservator-Restorer” Who are the people that are of significance to the Profession on Conservation-Restoration. Get to know them and their contribution to Cultural Heritage.




Wednesday, 7th October

“Sharing good examples of Conservation-Resoration treatments on movable Cultural Heritage: Artifacts and Collections” Conservator - Restorers share their insights on what constitutes a proper Conservation-Resoration treatment. What are the secrets hidden behind the Conservation-Restoration of an object?

Thursday, 8th October

“Sharing good examples of Conservation-Restoration treatments on immovable Cultural Heritage: Monuments, wall painting, ruins and landscapes” Conservator - Restorers share their insights on what constitutes a proper Conservation-Restoration treatment. What are the challenges when you have to adjust your work to an immovable object ?

Friday, 9th October

“This is not Conservation-Restoration, Sharing Heritage at Risk” Do you need to be an expert to apply a treatment? Find out what experts think.




Saturday, 10th October

“Conservation-Restoration during COVID-19” Conservator-Restorers share their experiences from home-working during the lockdown. What is the impact of COVID-19 on Cultural Heritage and the Profession of Conservator-Restorer.





Sunday, 11th October

“European Day of Conservation Restoration” What is Conservation-Restoration? Take an extraordinary look behind the scenes!


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