Join us at the #MuseumWeek2018!

E.C.C.O. is glad to participate at the #MuseumWeek2018. We encourage all the Conservator-Restorers community to join the Week in Social Media.

The Museum Week is the first worldwide cultural event on social networks, and it is very important to our community to be visible as part of the Museum Universe.

Join us on Facebook and twitter!

Hastags #EuropeForCulture #MuseumWeek2018 #ConservationRestoration #ConservatorRestorer

Download the brochure here


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Call for papers Conservation 360º

The new collection Conservation 360º is a series of multi- and interdisciplinary books on current themes in the field of Conservation of Cultural Heritage. Each book will provide a general overview of the state of the art, research and concepts in the field of the preservation of cultural heritage aimed at professionals of conservation-restoration, scientists, art historians, archaeologists, technicians and students.

For more information click here