Our Mission

To organize, develop and promote, on a practical, scientific and cultural level, the profession of the Conservator-Restorer.

To set standards and regulate practice at European level and enhance communication between and mobility of professionals.

To strengthen the role and responsibilities of the Conservator-Restorer in relation to others in safeguarding cultural heritage.

Our Vision

Cultural heritage safeguarded for society through high standards in the professional practice of Conservation-Restoration.

E.C.C.O., the European Confederation of Conservator-Restorers' Organisation was established in 1991 by 14 European Conservator-Restorers‘ Organisations. Currently representing close to 6.000 professionals within 23 countries and 26 members organisations, including one international body (IADA), E.C.C.O. embodies the field of preservation of cultural heritage, both movable and immovable.

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