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Charter Alliance

Download here the presentation of CHARTER by Elis Marçal, E.C.C.O. President the 17th May 2022 in Athens:


CHARTER is an acronym for 'Cultural Heritage Action to Refine Training, Education and Roles' and the title of a successful project proposal for an ERASMUS+ call on a sectoral skills strategy (blueprint) on Cultural Heritage.

It was written by a large European consortium led by the University of Barcelona, which covers all relevant areas of cultural heritage professionals.

The CHARTER project will develop a matrix mapping heritage practice in terms of discrete competences and skills according to levels of expertise as they inform the role of heritage professionals towards cultural heritage. By creating and developing occupational profiles as well as defining core and transversal competences, the project will research and create programme curricula, identify delivery methods, foster mobility opportunities, advocate quality practice and highlight local specializations to achieve a people-centered, integrated and sustainable approach towards cultural heritage and its dynamics in future scenarios.

The project will support the assignment of a classification for economic activities in the field of cultural heritage by the definition of sectoral codes, promoting the sector’s visibility and economic accountability. E.C.C.O.’s research for a sectoral NACE code will inform the discrete definition of statistics indicators for conservation-restoration. CHARTER will provide transferable benchmarking tools for both the design and delivery of education and training programmes as well as for a professional recognition transferable at European, national and regional levels.

Cross-sectoral transversal skills in the heritage sector will be identified, resulting in benefits and employment opportunities as they address 21st century challenges by promoting value-laden interdisciplinary communication, digital and technology-related skills, climate action for heritage and stimulate the circular-economy by sustainably re-thinking and reimagining heritage in our daily lives. E.C.C.O.’s publication “Competences for access to the conservation-restoration profession” are to be used as a matrix for a competences profile design. Our expertise resulting from the work on the “Voices of Culture” and “Open Method of Coordination” deliberations regarding the theme “Skills, training and knowledge transfer in cultural heritage professions” will support the understanding of this new professional landscape in the heritage sector.

The CHARTER project consortium involves in total 21 full members from 14 European countries (plus several associated partners), covering a wide range of European stakeholders such as our counterpart ENCoRE and our MoU partners ICOMOS and ICCROM.

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