E.C.C.O.s President Susan Corr at the “The Drivers of Quality”, EYCH2018, Venice 22th-23th Nov.

“The Drivers of Quality” is the title of Panel 3 at the conference “Cherishing Heritage – Quality principles for intervention on cultural heritage” in Venice the 22nd and 23rd November. E.C.C.O.’s President Susan Corr is in Venice to speak in Panel 3 “Drivers of Quality”. The Conference “Cherishing Heritage”, organised by the European Commission in cooperation with International Council of Monuments and Sites, aims at promoting the public debate on quality principles in EU funded interventions on cultural heritage. It is a key event during the European Year of Cultural Heritage, organised in the framework of the European Initiative “Cherishing heritage”. Link to the program: http://europa.eu/cultural-heritage/cherishing-heritage-quality-principles-intervention-cultural-heritage_en Link to the EU initiative N° 6: https://ec.europa.eu/culture/content/cherishing-heritage_en Link to pdf factsheet: https://ec.europa.eu/culture/sites/culture/files/6-cherishing_heritage-10-european-initiatives-factsheet.pdf

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