E.C.C.O.s attendance on CDCPP 2021, Council of Europe

On 18 June, representatives of E.C.C.O. were taking part in the 10th Plenary Session (online) of the Steering Committee for Culture, Heritage and Landscape (CDCPP), Council of Europe #CoE @coe #EuropeForCulture #ConservatorRestorers

The Steering Committee for Culture, Heritage and Landscape (CDCPP) is the Committee responsible for activities related to Culture, Heritage and Landscape and to follow-up on their implementation, monitoring and evaluation and belongs to the Council of Europe.

Every year since 2015, E.C.C.O. is invited to join as we have the Observer status. That give us the chance to participate, being the voice of conservator-restorers in the Council of Europe.
“Together with representatives of Council of Europe member states, steering committees benefit from the participation of other organisations as observers, including civil society and representatives of business, technical, professional and academic communities.” Council of Europe.
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